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Fast and Accurate Vehicle Apppraisals

Perform appraisals on the lot in minutes, to get your customers the best offer quickly. Email the appraisal to your customer with expiration dates if they aren’t ready to trade the same day.


AutoVision uses our exclusive RACR data from millions of online listings to get you the best price and monitor trends, locally and nationwide.

RACR Data 

State of the Art VIN Scanner

  • Instantly load vehicle details for faster appraisals

  • OCR, Text Recognition: Quickly scan VIN numbers without a barcode

  • Fast Barcode Scanner: Quickly scan QR and barcodes.

  • Instantlyload vehicle details

  • Skip the surprises.     

    • Current and pending codes     

    • Monitor status for smog     

    • Last time codes were cleared

AutoVision's OBDII Scanner

Millions of vehicles from over 55,000 dealerships analyzed to get the right valuation instantly

Integrations with all of your favorite books all in one place. KBB, JD Power, MMR, and Blackbook.

Instant access to history reports using your existing accounts. Integrations with CarFax and AutoCheck

Our digital trade inspections allow you to add photos and video walk arounds instantly and review them in the app or on your desktop for the most accurate condition.

Send appraisals for approval instantly with email or text alerts.

Digital Trade Inspections

Instant In-Lane Appraisals with AuctionPro

  • Works on your favorite Simulcast sales and more

  • AuctionPro instantly shows you all the information you need to make smart buying decisions

  • Build your buy lists, research run lists before the sale and build your buy lists. Know what you need to pay before.

  • Research while in-lane, fast and accurate appraisals allow you to make fast and accurate buying decisions to protect your risk. 

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