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Comps & Analysis

See franchise-only statistics that show you how vehicles perform for franchise dealers.


  • Unprecedented Market View Controls - Include or exclude Independents, big name retailers (Carmax, Carvana, Vroom, Shift), and CPOs.

  • Appraisal Accuracy for your Market - surface top performing vehicles and minimize downside risk.

Your store needs to know real-time performance stats for on-brand franchise competitors. You need to avoid risky bets that may be performing better for big indies or 3rd parties but suck for you. You need to prevent independent rooftops and marketplaces from skewing your analysis. 
Franchise Dealers need more granular data, cleaner workflow
automation, and all-in-one tools.


Leverage Your Advantages


Empower Your Teams With Data

Empower your entire team with seamless data insights in every tool they use as well as customizable, real-time, cloud-based dashboards. Built on the RACR platform, AutoVision provides business intelligence with data that’s never stale.

Unmatched flexibility and ease-of-use: look at your market from every angle and gain insight to maximize your profit.   

Dynamically and automatically combine your inventory data with up-to-the-minute competitive retail market data, trend analysis, wholesale market data, and 3rd party valuations.

Easily create any visualization you need and drill into and across data sets. 


Create custom dashboards and views - all with no coding needed, and available on mobile or desktop.


Get alerts when key data points change like when competitors enter or exit the market, change pricing, or book values go up or down.

Take Action.

Talk to an expert today.


Identify the hottest vehicles for your market by make, model, trim, and see exactly where they are and what it will take to acquire them.


Get there first with advanced profit analysis, real time market alerts, and industry-leading automated merchandising tools.


Accelerate vehicles through sourcing, appraisal, purchase, recon, merchandising, to conversion with asset portfolio tracking.

Move more metal. 
Make more money.
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