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After incubating in mid-sized dealerships for 2 years, AutoVision was launched in 2020 with the intention of modernizing independent and franchise dealership operations and helping them compete in a changing marketplace. As the importance of accurate and timely data has skyrocketed, AutoVision has developed into an end-to-end platform of interwoven tools powered by big data and machine learning to enable dealers to make smarter decisions, maximize profit, and minimize risk.

Legacy dealer solutions are often dated, cumbersome, and only tangentially collaborative. Dealers are forced to choose from pre-set data points that may not match their specific market and professional needs. Speed or Accuracy? Gross or Net? It is frustrating being a cog in a wheel.

AutoVision is a unified dealer management software platform built from the ground up for dealers and automotive companies of all shapes and sizes to automate and optimize their car buying, selling, and vehicle inventory management with a modular suite of interlocking tools, APIs and deep statistical insights.  

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