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Cutting Edge Tools For Data-Driven Dealers.

A unified platform to automate sourcing, appraising, and merchandising vehicles.

Find the right car for the right money

Identify hot vehicles for your market by make, model, trim, and business model.

Maximize your profit

Stay ahead of the market with advanced profit analysis, tracking, and alerting.

Simplified inventory at every stage

Accelerate vehicle life cycles from appraisal through recon to conversion.

Move more metal.

Make more money.

Shift from Manual to Automatic

We do data science at scale.

AutoVision's RACR™ continuously monitors and analyses retail and wholesale listings and trend data using demographic, geographic, and sales data to dynamically define markets.

We're the only automotive platform that allows dealers to automatically customize their market per vehicle by seller type, time, region, and more.  

AutoVision makes our operations run smoother, it's cost effective, and they listen to what we want and make it happen.

– Taylor House

General Sales Manager

Jimmy Michel Motors

Aurora, MO

Wingman makes simulcast auction bidding much clearer and easier. We get to see what we want, where we want it, and we feel so confident in the data we get we're willing to put our money on the line with every bid.

– Dave Dorsano

Used Car Manager

Stevens Creek BMW

Santa Clara, CA

We use AutoVision across our 11 rooftops to appraise, buy, merchandise, sell, and ensure every one of our locations is in sync with every aspect of our business strategy.

- Jim Totah


Hanlees Automotive Group

Davis, CA

Better Data = More Profit
Elevate Your Game

Industry-leading retail and FSBO data accuracy born of thousands of hours per day of natural language processing and state-of-the-art heuristic pattern recognition.


Translation: say goodbye to ghost cars, VIN misses, and outdated info that skews reporting in a simple-to-use interface that makes it easy to interpret whether you are transitioning from another system or using retail data at scale for the first time.


Everything under your roof should be in sync – whether working from your mobile device on the lot, in the field, or at your desktop in the office, your information instantly updates and stays in sync across platforms.


Editable dashboards, customized reporting, scheduled analysis emails, and nearly unlimited control over your dashboard layout, what you see, and how it gets to you.


We have to move as fast as you do.  Wasted time is wasted money. Your dealership has needs that must be filled as soon as possible, from vehicle history to local market comps during appraisals. Daily book updates, instant competitor research, and computer diagnostics without wasting shop time should be a requirement.

Get in the
driver's seat.
Optimized to fit your style.
Maximize Profits
What Dealers Are Saying
Get Everything You Need From a Source You Can Trust
 Cutting Edge Tools, Seamless Integration
Our Partners

Market-Driven Appraisals

Hyper-specific appraisals tuned to your local market and unique business needs, powered by real-time data directly from dealer websites.

Market Analysis

Industry leading automotive BI dashboards, reports and alerts keep your finger on the pulse of your market and ahead of the competition.

Inventory Management

All-in-one, easy-to-use tools automatically optimize your new and used merchandizing strategy in real-time.

Omnichannel Acquisition

Sourcing automation for auctions, for-sale-by-owner, service drive, and everything in between.


The art of car buying meets the power of big data.

Intelligent tools for buying and selling vehicles

Omnichannel Acquisition

Acquisition software for new and used car dealers needs to identify the right opportunities at the right time. 

Gain a direct line to sellers with real-time For-Sale-By-Owner search capabilities and access hundreds of physical and digital auctions including Ally SmartAuction, ADESA, Manheim, events powered by EDGE Pipeline, to surface vehicles in your market at prices you want.

​AutoVision's customizable software for auto dealerships enables car buying lead generation at internet scale and allows you to save time with automated flows and dynamic market-driven offers.

Market-Driven Appraisals

Walk-around car appraiser tools dummy-proof trade data collection and analysis, and remote customer trade inspection tools to allow private sellers launch a trade-in assessment on your dealership website and submit their vehicle details with images. 

The best dealership management systems have tools that go beyond the screen, and with our proprietary OBD-II Scanner you will identify Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) in the field and the sales level and analysis it for appraisal in the app, highlighting engine misfires and computer reset times.

Built-in app optical character recognition technology means you can collect VINs effortlessly through typed, handwritten, or printed text with your phone's camera, not JUST barcode scanning like other car appraisal apps. 

Market Analysis

The auto dealer software market is loaded with generic approaches to analysis, but general market comps and books don't provide a complete picture of a vehicle's value to you.  Dozens of factors contribute to determine a vehicle's ultimate ROI. 

​AutoVision offers unmatched software for auto dealerships looking for data analysis that will look at your market from every angle and provide insight to maximize your profit and provide updates in real-time to give you the most accuracy in market intelligence.

Inventory Management

AutoVision provides dealer inventory management software that was built to holistically work with your acquisition, appraisal, and market analysis strategies.


Best-in-class customizable business tools combine with personalized inventory management systems and stocking profiles with market-leading data and analytics to streamline pricing updates and ensure dealers can competitively and proactively price your cars to get the fastest movement and the best opportunity for profit. 


All the power of AutoVision available on the sites you visit most with our exclusive Chrome browser extension. Automatically assess cars on multiple auction platforms, during simulcasts, private seller listings, and third-party sites online that match your stocking profile without switching tabs or bouncing between browsers.

Check VIN history, see similar vehicles on the wholesale and retail markets, generate buy lists across all your sites without changing tabs or leaving your browser window.  

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Enterprise Grade Automotive Software For All

AutoVision is an innovative software platform built from the ground up for dealers and automotive companies of all shapes and sizes to optimize their business with a modular suite of interlocking tools, APIs and deep statistical insights.  

We believe putting the right software tools in the hands of industry experts and business leaders is vital to growth in a modern automotive company.  We offer packages tailor fit to your unique business objectives.

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