Available for iOS & Android


Motivated in market buyers and seller leads via text and/or email


Integrated OBDII diagnostic data with automatic geo tagging


Live market data from 50K+ dealer sites and profitability analysis


Flexible workflow solutions to manage every process.

Cutting Edge Tools For Data - Driven Dealers

See The Whole Picture

New & Used Inventory Management 

Best-in-class data analysis combined with customizable business models allows you to streamline recon, price, and merchandise your cars efficiently and consistently from acquisition to sale. Interconnected tools allow you to optimize your operations across multiple rooftops.

Industry Leading Digital Vehicle Appraisals 

Powerful, easy to use appraisals for trades and auctions. Price cars quickly to your specific market with in-depth competitive research analysis alongside all the books and VHRs you need to build fast, accurate appraisals every time. Wingman seamlessly integrates with all your favorite auctions and OBD-II connectivity helps eliminate surprises.

Omni Channel Vehicle Sourcing

Build automated auction buy lists to find the units you can move quickly in your market from traditional and online auctions as well as third party listing sites. 

In Depth Analytics & Alerts

Stay ahead of the curve and monitor your competition in real-time. Receive daily alerts when competitors change prices and enter the market. Available for both new and used cars so you have a unified view of your assets and the competitive landscape. 

Our Platform


All the power of AutoVision right on the sites you visit most. Instantly appraise cars on multiple auction platforms when purchasing online with our Wingman browser extension. Cut hours out of the process of searching for/appraising vehicles and bring instant, comprehensive market data to your simulcast experience.

Our Partners

Perfect Appraisals With OBDII

The perfect appraisal starts with understanding monitors/DTCs and the last time a computer was reset. Protect your bottom line with OBD2 diagnostic data built-in every appraisal. 

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