AutoVision was launched in 2020 with the intention of modernizing independent dealership operations and helping them compete in a changing marketplace.  As the importance of accurate and timely data has skyrocketed, AutoVision has developed into an end-to-end platform of interwoven tools powered by big data and machine learning to enable dealers to make smarter decisions, maximize profit, and minimize risk.


Legacy dealer solutions are often dated, cumbersome, and only tangentially collaborative.  Inflexible and impersonal.  Dealers are forced to choose from pre-set data points that may not match their specific market and professional needs.  Speed or Accuracy?  Gross or Net?  Dealers may feel frustrated, like cogs in a machine.  With AutoVision, dealers can finally finely tune their data to fit their needs.

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20 June 2022 • Press Release

AutoVision 3.0 updates include:

  • Enhanced omni-channel vehicle acquisition tools to help dealers locate the most profitable vehicles in their market and capitalize on auctions, third-party, and private sellers.

  • Wingman™ Chrome extension enables users to check VIN history, retail market data, and generate buy lists on vehicle sites without changing tabs or leaving their browser window.

  • A suite of tools to identify highest grossing opportunities per car nationwide and adjust the history of your market across time, geographic range, vehicle specs

  • Automated notifications when a vehicle fitting a dealer’s settings and profit parameters enters the market.

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