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Don't Waste Your Time

​Automation > Manual Processes

Time is Money

We know you're busy.  

AutoVision Inventory Management System was designed from the ground up to automate the frustrating, repetitive tasks that limit the speed your business can move. 

When the market shifts, so should your competitive set: AutoVision automatically adjusts your market on a per vehicle basis so you always have an up-to-date view of how each unit is positioned relative to your competition. 

Book changes are not only a strong indicator of market trends, but are vital events that may require immediate action to prevent getting upside-down.  We automatically refresh your books and alert you to these critical changes.

Automated Profitability Analysis 

Determining the appropriate exit strategy on a vehicle is hard.  Consolidating your employees around a unified view of that strategy is harder.   

AutoVision removes the guesswork from this complex process while allowing you to maintain a clear and consistent approach to valuing and pricing inventory.

We automatically evaluate projected profit, implementing  your business rules combined with trend analysis and competitive data specific to your Core Based Statistical Area to help you understand from day 0 what the likely final sale price will be. Using that data we can project profit at appraise time based on your ACV, estimated wholesale value or even "buy it now" prices from online auctions including transport and recon estimates as well as continuously as your inventory ages based on actual cost.


Our customizable vehicle scoring system extends this concept to include multiple data points that can be tracked in real-time and used to classify your inventory into classification groups that dynamically change as the market shifts and the unit ages.

Better Together

Our inventory management software was built from the ground up to deeply integrate all aspects of your acquisition-to-sale pipeline when used in conjunction with our full suite of tools.

Rapidly find and evaluate units across every sourcing channel with Omni. 

Measure, manage and convert leads on both the buy and sell side with BDC Pro.

Stay ahead of your market with RACR analysis & insights.


AutoVision's customizable inventory business models and stocking profiles combined with our other market-leading data tools increase efficiency, decrease errors and save you time at every step in the process. 

Is your Inventory Management System underpowered, outdated, and complicated
AutoVision is easy to learn and use with real-time alerts, time-saving automation, and market insights you need to focus on your business, not micromanaging your inventory.

Everything You Need

AutoVision IMS gives you the ability to easily create consistent, compelling, and accurate listings to drive more visitors to your website and your lot.

Get local and national auction, wholesale, and retail book values from your preferred sources like Manheim Market Report, J.D. Power Guides, Black Book®, and Kelley Blue Book®.

Partnerships to provide you all the info you expect from Manheim, ADESA, Ally SmartAuction, AuctionEDGE, Carfax, AutoCheck, and more.

Review and report your inventory by age, make, model, year, DOM, book value, price, or any other common or customizable field you need.

Auto-description generation makes sure you have a compelling description from day 1 on all of your listings including customizable award and accolade data and retail market insights.

New car incentives include optional new car incentives packages, automatically add postal code specific incentives to your descriptions, and adjusts your listed price dynamically.

Photo walkthroughs with overlays ensure you are always capturing the right vehicle angles, in the right order to provide consistency to your listings.


We believe our software should fit your strategy, not the other way around. 

Dynamic retail market definition: we automatically fine-tune the exact set of vehicles you are competing with by geography, vehicle configuration/condition, seller type and even the amount of time to search for recently off market vehicles based on your preferences. Best of all, these settings can be specific to certain year/makes so if for instance you only want to see other CPO vehicles for your on-brand late model units: no problem.

Vehicle Scoring:  maximize your ROI on every unit with customizable vehicle scoring based on how you are positioned in a vehicle, market conditions and sales data that automatically updates as conditions change so you know when it's time to hold firm on price and when it's time to move. ​

Recon/transport cost estimation: whether you use a flat pack, would like to dynamically estimate recon using the vehicle's value or want to adjust recon estimates using our flexible trade inspection tools: we've got you covered. 

See What Matters & Take Action

Too much data isn't information, it's just noise.

AutoVision's fully customizable business intelligence dashboards, extensive reporting system and daily inventory alerts straight to your inbox provide more than data - you receive the key information and actionable insights you need to optimize your operations.


Customizable at-a-glance summary tools help you spot potential issues in your merchandising process for units that need attention.

Automated Stocking Guides identify discrepancies between your inventory and the market's needs, surfacing the vehicles you should prioritize based on your current inventory and fluctuating market conditions.

Appraiser reports that follow the units through to inventory and ultimately to sale provide unprecedented accountability on the buy side so you can quickly identify potential mistakes and take action to bring buying back in line with your strategy.

Multi-rooftop dashboards and reporting give larger dealer groups and GMs a unique vantage of the overall health of the group: unifying data that is often siloed within each rooftop today.

Take Action.

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