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Outpace the Market

Game-changing automotive business intelligence.

Data Quality Matters

Inaccurate data leads to inaccurate results.    


AutoVision's RACR™ platform goes DIRECT to dealer websites to collect and categorize vehicle data, including market entry, exit, and price changes. RACR performs thousands of hours of intensive heuristic analysis in the cloud per day. We cross check and de-dupe every VIN, and process all available meta data to ensure accuracy and legitimacy. We don't rely on 3rd party sites to provide descriptions or add and remove vehicles from the market.


What does this mean?


No more lags, no duplicate competitive vehicles at different locations with different prices, no ghost cars, no VIN mismatches.

Empower Your Teams With Data

Empower your entire team with seamless data insights in every tool they use as well as customizable, real-time, cloud-based dashboards. Built on the RACR platform, AutoVision provides business intelligence with data that’s never stale.

Unmatched flexibility and ease-of-use: look at your market from every angle and gain insight to maximize your profit.   

Dynamically and automatically combine your inventory data with up-to-the-minute competitive retail market data, trend analysis, wholesale market data, and 3rd party valuations.

Easily create any visualization you need and drill into and across data sets. 


Create custom dashboards and views - all with no coding needed, and available on mobile or desktop.


Get alerts when key data points change like when competitors enter or exit the market, change pricing, or book values go up or down.

Dive In

AutoVision's philosophy is to provide quick and easy answers to complex questions, combined with the ability to understand the work and fine tune the parameters when you want to know more.  

The secret sauce is how we slice and dice the data. AutoVision's RACR™ platform, combined with our proprietary RMV algorithms, automatically define optimized competitive sets that analyze every facet of vehicle configuration/condition, competitive data, and geography using your personalized settings as the guide.

We'll prove it to you. We built Research Mode so you can dig into all of the settings and filters used to create a dynamic market based on your preferences.

Tracking, processing and analyzing 50,000,000+ vehicles a year has been out of reach for most companies that aren't big tech or OEMs.
Until now. 
AutoVision's deeply integrated business intelligence offers an unparalleled level of market insight and competitive tracking to businesses operating at any scale.

Own Your Market

You know you can move 2018 Toyota Corollas, but how much does that matter if the guy down the street is outselling you four-to-one with 2017 Honda Accords?  You need AutoVision market intelligence reports to get ahead and stay ahead.


Market Insights identify and display the fastest and slowest moving vehicles by variables like year, make, model, trim, ext color, and more.  Market Movers provide a snapshot of shifting competitor vehicle prices, movement, and rankings..

Group Inventory Optimization identifies the optimal dealer in your group to host any trade-in and calculates the projected profit at multiple rooftops.

Market Trends reports quickly surface important trends in your market that impact inventory pricing and stocking recommendations so you can meet the market instead of just react to it.

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