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See The Whole Picture

Flexible Employee Trade Appraiser Tools

AutoVision's suite of appraisal tools are designed to spread the load over the full team and maximize the efforts of your buyers.
  • Customizable and editable workflows

  • Custom photos

  • Adjustable Pricing rules

Catch potential trade-in cheats with our easy-to-use AutoVision-exclusive OBD-II, even at the salesperson level.

Website Acquisition Tool

AutoVision's Website Acquisition widget enables you to automate the process of receiving vehicle information for appraisal and returning offers to your customers that fit the market and your business strategy.  You have complete control over what you offer the customer and how they interact with your brand.

Our customer-facing trade-in tool makes it quick and easy to capture and assess a customer’s vehicle info so you can make them an accurate offer in moments.

Remote Customer Trade Inspection

Your customers can perform their own guided self-appraisals on their trade-in at home and submit their info, automatically syncing their information in the AutoVision platform.

Easy-to-follow dynamic workflows automate private seller vehicle submissions, assessing interest, negotiating on your behalf, and presenting market-smart instant offers or follow up before you ever get your hands dirty.

A comprehensive stocking strategy is vital to modern dealers and a consistent, repeatable appraisal process is key to that strategy. Complex and expensive tools often leave this critical process in the hands of only a few people within the dealership with the training, experience and expertise to perform a proper appraisal. 
AutoVision is a cutting edge platform that can mix, match, and blend different dealer types, trim levels, geos, etc to fine tune your competitive data set.  The result is the most accurate market assessment available today. 
Your All-in-One Appraisal Solution

Define Your Market

At your fingertips - A custom-built engine for tightly focusing data to include only the vehicles and market details that matter in every scenario.

Dynamically increase radius and timeframe when you need to get as much insight as possible with fewer available comps.


Local Retail Data and Retail Market Views from AutoVision show you all the vehicles in your area in the competitive set that match your exact vehicle specs, where they are, how they are priced, how long they have been on the market, and where your appraisal ranks amongst them.

Everything You Need

Retrieve vehicle data, images, and reports by VIN, License Plate, or Description (Year, Make, Model, Trim) instantly. AutoVision is the ONLY appraisal tool that measures down to the trim level.


Get local and national auction, wholesale, and retail book values from your preferred sources like Manheim Market Report, J.D Power Guides, Black Book®, and Kelley Blue Book®.


Vehicle history reports with 4-pillar data from CARFAX and title and accident reporting (requires existing account) seamlessly integrated into your experience.

OBD-II Scanner Diagnostics w/In-App Analysis

Poor engine condition is a dealkiller.


The perfect appraisal starts with AutoVision's smart OBD-II scanner to identify Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and when the computer was reset. Collect and share vehicle diagnostic info with customizable flows without wasting valuable shop time. 


Catch engine misfires, monitor oxygen levels and sensor data, track fault codes, and identify computer reset times.

Appraiser Productivity

AutoVision empowers your Appraisers with all the tools they need to do their job well, like effortless VIN scanning in the AutoVision app that captures barcodes AND printed or written VINs through built-in OCR scanning technology – No more fighting for the code at the door in lane, now you can just scan the dashboard or sheet.


Monitor Win-Loss records, Appraiser conversion stats, inventory velocity per appraiser, and dig into lost appraisals to maximize return on your time and human capital investment.

Wingman Chrome Extension

All the power of AutoVision available on the sites you visit most with our exclusive browser extension.  Automatically appraise cars on all major auction platforms, in real-time during simulcasts, on private seller listings, and third-party sites online.  Get the true vehicle details to separate what's real from the marketing fluff.

Instant VIN history, list similar vehicles on the wholesale market, and generate buy lists across all your sites without changing tabs or leaving your browser window.

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